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Vitamin A is composed in part of retinoids, which has been shown to increase the rate of hair growth. This vitamin may also help with sebum production, keeping the scalp healthier and able to retain more hairs. Fill your plate with foods rich in vitamin A, such as sweet potatoes, sweet peppers, and spinach, just to name a few.

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It could be possible that essential nutrients may be missing from your diets such as iron, copper, zinc and proteins. Deficiency of vitamin D is another cause of hair loss. In order to avoid this, make sure to get out and soak up some sun.

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More serious conditions also happen as you age. Eye diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts, can cause vision problems. Symptoms vary a lot among these disorders, so keep up with your eye exams.

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Blood glucose is a sugar that the bloodstream carries to all cells in the body to supply energy. A person needs to keep blood sugar levels within a safe range to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

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